Girls United Performing at Club Eleven

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I have found another video of Nic and her group GU performing “Pink Champagne” and another song at Club Eleven. Watch the clip below…

Tween Girl Style Magazine’s Q&A with Girls United

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Tells us about your experience on X Factor and what that has done for your careers?
 The experience was so exciting and it kept us on our toes from beginning to the end. It gave us the opportunity to gain thousands of social media followers and the experience to perform for millions.
Nichole: The X Factor experience was fun and challenging. We didn’t know what to expect, the response we have gotten on our twitter has been amazing!
Alex: As a group, we have not experienced anything like this. It definitely showed us a whole other side to the business and it made us want to work that much harder in achieving our goals. We have a lot of shows lined up and can’t wait to get out there! The X Factor experience was amazing!

Are you watching the show now? What have you learned from being on the show?
Candi: Yes, I watch the show now and follow all the awesome contestants on twitter for updates. I’ve learned that persistence pays off. We made top 10 groups! We are so honored to be able to say that.
Nichole: I am watching the show. I have learned that we are such a strong group and we can take on any obstacle.
Alex: I am currently watching the show. There is such great talent this season. It’s awesome seeing some of our friends still in the running!

How did you meet each other and how did you come up with the name?
 Alex and I met in our hometown of Miami. We were in a previous girl group named Velvet Angels signed to major label, Island Def Jam. Then moved out to LA and met Nichole through Damon Sharpe who wrote a song for Nichole’s former group, Girlicious. We clicked right away and got straight to work.
Nichole: We met through our producer, Damon Sharpe. We came up with the name Girls United because it felt very strong and had different meanings for each of us. It represents coming together and moving forward.
Alex: Candi and I were in a group prior to this one. We knew of Nichole from being in the business and through our producer and manager, Damon Sharpe. He worked with her former group, Girlicious. Once both of our situations didn’t pan out we decided to join forces and unite, which is ultimately how we came up with the name Girls United! Continue…

Photos: Girls United at NYLON Magazine’s December Issue Celebration

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Check out pics of  Girls United attending NYLON + McDonald’s Dec/Jan issue launch party, hosted by cover star Demi Lovato at Quixote Studios on December 5, 2013 in West Hollywood, California.

NYLON + McDonald's Dec/Jan Issue Launch Party, Hosted By Cover Star Demi Lovato NYLON + McDonald's Dec/Jan Issue Launch Party, Hosted By Cover Star Demi Lovato NYLON + McDonald's Dec/Jan Issue Launch Party, Hosted By Cover Star Demi Lovato NYLON + McDonald's Dec/Jan Issue Launch Party, Hosted By Cover Star Demi Lovato

Video: Girls United Performing “Pink Champagne” Live at Eleven Nightclub

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Finally! We can now check out a small clip of Nichole and her group Girls United performing their smash cover of “Pink Champagne”Check out the clip below

Chrystina Sayers -“Only You Can Bring Me Heaven” Preview

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Thanks to Chrystina’s good friend Candice Wiggins, we have a VERY SMALL preview of a song she recorded called “Only You Can Bring Me Heaven” that she uploaded to her instagram account. Listen to it below…

CandiceSandiego: Jamming in the car to @IamChrystina! #SDLifesABeach #OnlyYouCanBringMeHeaven

Nichole & GU at Club Jete

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A couple of days ago Nichole and her new group Girls United were spotted at Club Jete. Check out a few pics below…

jete jete1 jete2

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