Happy Birthday Tiffanie!

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Watch: Tiffanie Painting

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Tiffanie has finally uploaded some new footage of her marvelous paintings! Watch Tiff paint Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson below…
Eddie Murphy

Michael Jackson

Shameless Plugs

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So a fellow fan contacted me via twitter and made me aware of some new Girlicious fansites! The one I’m most excited about is the Tiffanie one. I’ve never seen a Tiff fansite so I think its definitely time for one. So please support this fellow GLG fan by visiting her fansites for Nichole and Tiffanie and following her on twitter! :)



New Tiffanie Photoshoot!

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Check out a new photoshoot that Tiff has uploaded to her instagram account

newtiff  newtiff1  newtiff2  blnk

Tiffanie Takes Up Photography

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Not only is Tiffanie a talented singer, dancer, and painter, but she is now a talented photgrapher! Check out Tiff’s latest photography project below. She styled the model and photographed her. Good job Tiff!


Here is also a new pic from an unknown photoshoot!

Gallery Update: Tiffanie Photoshoot

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Tiffanie posted three unseen pics from her Emilio Sanchez photoshoot back in 2010. Check them out in the gallery! By the way follow Tiffanie on instagram at instagram.com/tifflicious


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