About Girlicious-Girls.Us

My name is Jerrica and I adopted this site back in 2010. The site was first opened in 2008 by Marvin who also owned NatalieMejia.Us(I adopted it too!) This was one of my favorite Girlicious fansites. Over a period of time the site became dead, there were no new updates and after a while of no activity Marvin put the site up for adoption at fan-sites.org. I adopted the site and have been updating since 2010 and I plan to keep it open for a while. I will not be closing any time soon. 😉 the site has had its ups and downs, from server fails to the whole site being deleted, but none of that can stop me. I will always love and adore the four ladies of Girlicious. Girlicious and the fans are my inspiration for keeping this site open. I will not let you guys down! 😀