Nichole Cordova

Nichole Marie Cordova (born August 17, 1988) is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actress. Cordova is best known as a member of the musical group Girlicious. Cordova is currently the only remaining member of the group. Cordova was born in Texas City, Texas. After winning a spot in Girlicious, Cordova moved to Los Angeles to further her music career. As of 2010 Nichole became the only remaining original member of Girlicious signed to UMG Canada. In 2012 rumors circulated the web that Nichole and three new girls were in the Mojave desert filming their debut music video as a group. If that group will go by the name Girlicious is a mystery… Nichole will also be starring in a new horror flick entitled “Bleed Out” set for a dvd release in 2012.

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