Its Official! Natalie Mejia is a Pussycat Doll!!!

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As previously posted, its official. Natalie Mejia is a new Pussycat Doll. The Pussycat Dolls now consists of Lauren Bennett, Paula Van Oppen, Natasha Slayton, Amanda Branche and Natalie Mejia with the later three replacing Chrystina Sayers, Erica Khiel and Vanessa Curry. Check out some of the pics from the new Pussycat Dolls photoshoot below! Congrats to Natalie for being added in the new group. Hopefully Robin won’t change the lineup again…


Screenshots from Nichole’s Music Video

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Thanks to GirlsUnitedDaily.Com we have two screenshots from Nichole’s video with her new group Girls United aka GU. Apparently, the name of their debut single is “Easy Rider”. Hopefully we will see the new video soon!

Natalie Mejia Joins The Pussycat Dolls…

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Lately alot of rumors have been circulating the web that former Girlicious member, Natalie Mejia, has joined the new Pussycat Dolls lineup. Fans went crazy when they saw pics of the rumored new dolls at Disney Land (see HERE) Other members named to be in the line up include Lauren Bennett, Paula Van Oppen and Natasha Slayton. Therefore, Vanessa Curry and Erica Khiel must have quit the group along with Chrystina Sayers. Lauren confirmed that Paula, Natalie and Natasha are in the group and she told some fans that they will find out who the fifth girl is soon enough. Rumor has it that Lyndriette, former member of Rich Girl, will be the fifth doll. Guess we will have to wait and see… I think its kind of funny that Chrystina would quit the group and then Natalie would join. But I wish her all the best and lots of success with the new lineup IF she stays in the lineup because Robin has been changing the lineup sooo much… Good luck to the new dolls!

Tiffanie Anderson’s Latest Paintings…

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Check out some of Tiffanie’s latest paintings. She is really an AMAZING artist!

Marilyn Monroe


Nichole Cordova’s New Group Girls United

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Check out one of the first photos of Nichole and her new group GU aka Girls United! There is also a new fansite for them at GirlsUnitedDaily.Com created by Cassie, check it out and follow them on twitter @GUDaily for updates on Nic and her new group. Also, I heard the group’s new video directed by Don Tyler and choreographed by Bobby Newberry will be out soon!

The Way Girlicious Were…

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While I was looking around for something interesting on youtube, I ran across this video called “The Way Girlicious Were”, watching the video brought back so many memories and made me realize how much I actually miss Girlicious :( the video was made by Ricardo and he did an excellent job! Watch the fanmade video below…

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